Waterline Eyeliner: How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter

Waterline Eyeliner: How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter

If you're someone who loves experimenting with different makeup trends, then you've probably heard about waterline eyeliner. Even if you've never heard of it, you might have seen it on celebrities or makeup influencers on Instagram. It's the latest trend in the beauty world, and for good reason! Not only does it make your eyes look bigger and brighter, but it also adds an element of drama and intensity to your makeup look. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of how to wear waterline eyeliner step-by-step, and also provide you with some tips and tricks to master the technique perfectly.

Why Waterline Eyeliner is the Latest Trend in Makeup

When it comes to makeup, the waterline is an often-overlooked area. It's the inner rim of your lower eyelid, and applying eyeliner to this area is known as waterline eyeliner. This technique has been around for decades, but it has recently gained popularity due to the rise of minimalistic makeup trends. Waterline eyeliner is a subtle yet impactful way to enhance your eyes without going overboard on the makeup. It's perfect for a variety of occasions, whether you're going for a natural daytime look or a bold nighttime look.

One of the reasons why waterline eyeliner has become so popular is because it can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. By lining the waterline with a white or nude eyeliner, you can create the illusion of larger eyes and make them look more awake and alert. This is especially useful for those who have smaller or hooded eyes. Additionally, waterline eyeliner can help to define and shape your eyes, making them appear more symmetrical and balanced. Overall, waterline eyeliner is a simple yet effective way to enhance your natural beauty and elevate your makeup look.

The Benefits of Waterline Eyeliner for Different Eye Shapes

One of the great things about waterline eyeliner is that it can work for every eye shape. If you have small eyes, waterline eyeliner can make them look bigger and brighter. If you have large eyes, it can add depth and intensity. If you have round eyes, it can elongate them and create the illusion of a more almond-shaped eye. And if you have hooded eyes, it can create a smoky, sultry effect that is both glamorous and flattering.

Another benefit of waterline eyeliner is that it can be used to enhance different eye colors. For example, if you have blue eyes, using a brown or bronze waterline eyeliner can make them appear more vibrant and intense. If you have green eyes, using a purple or plum waterline eyeliner can make them pop. And if you have brown eyes, using a black or dark brown waterline eyeliner can create a dramatic and bold look.

Choosing the Right Waterline Eyeliner for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right waterline eyeliner for your skin tone is essential for achieving a flawless look. If you have fair skin, opt for a white or nude eyeliner to brighten up your eyes. If you have medium skin, go for a beige or taupe shade that complements your natural skin tone. And if you have dark skin, use a brown or black eyeliner to define your eyes and add depth.

However, there are other factors to consider when choosing a waterline eyeliner besides your skin tone. If you have sensitive eyes, it's important to choose a hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist-tested eyeliner to avoid irritation. Additionally, if you're looking for a long-lasting option, consider a waterproof eyeliner that won't smudge or fade throughout the day.

Another tip to keep in mind is to choose an eyeliner that matches the occasion. For a natural daytime look, stick to neutral shades and avoid bold colors. But for a night out or special event, don't be afraid to experiment with brighter colors or metallic finishes to make your eyes pop.

Preparing Your Eyes for Waterline Eyeliner Application

Before you start applying waterline eyeliner, it's essential to prepare your eyes properly. Make sure your eye area is clean and free from any makeup residue. Apply concealer to any dark circles or blemishes, and powder lightly to set the concealer. This will create a smooth base for your eyeliner and help it stay put for longer.

Another important step in preparing your eyes for waterline eyeliner application is to moisturize your eye area. Use a gentle eye cream to hydrate the skin around your eyes and prevent any dryness or flakiness. This will also help your eyeliner glide on smoothly and prevent any tugging or pulling on the delicate skin around your eyes.

Lastly, consider using a primer specifically designed for eyeliner application. This will help your eyeliner adhere better to your waterline and prevent it from smudging or fading throughout the day. Apply the primer to your waterline and wait a few seconds for it to dry before applying your eyeliner.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Waterline Eyeliner Like a Pro

Now it's time to apply the waterline eyeliner. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you do it like a pro:

  1. Start by gently pulling down your lower eyelid with one hand. This will expose your waterline.
  2. Take your eyeliner pencil, and apply it gently to the waterline, working from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye.
  3. Be sure to apply the liner as close to your lash line as possible to create a seamless look.
  4. You can repeat this step if you want a more intense effect.
  5. Finally, use a clean cotton swab to smudge the liner slightly to create a softer, more natural effect.

It's important to note that not all eyeliners are suitable for the waterline. Look for eyeliners that are specifically designed for this purpose, as they are usually formulated to be long-lasting and safe for use on the delicate skin around the eyes.

If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, it's best to avoid applying eyeliner to the waterline altogether. Instead, you can achieve a similar effect by tightlining your upper lash line, which involves applying eyeliner between your lashes.

Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Your Waterline Eyeliner Look

Here are some tips and tricks to help you perfect your waterline eyeliner look:

  • Use an eyeliner pencil that is soft and creamy to ensure smooth and easy application.
  • Apply a small amount of eye primer to your waterline before applying your liner. This will help it last longer and prevent it from smudging or fading throughout the day.
  • If you're worried about your eyes watering, use a waterproof pencil liner to ensure your liner stays put all day.
  • If you want a subtle effect, apply a white or nude eyeliner. If you're going for a dramatic look, use a black or dark brown liner.
  • Experiment with different liner shapes and styles to create different looks, such as cat eye or smoky eye.

It's important to note that not all eyeliners are suitable for the waterline. Avoid using liquid or gel liners on your waterline as they can be too harsh and may cause irritation or discomfort. Stick to pencil liners that are specifically designed for the waterline.

How to Make Your Waterline Eyeliner Stay Put All Day Long

There's nothing worse than spending time and effort on your makeup, only for it to smudge or fade throughout the day. To make your waterline eyeliner stay put all day long, follow these tips:

  • Use a waterproof or long-wearing eyeliner pencil.
  • Set your eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow or translucent powder to create a barrier and prevent smudging or fading.
  • Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes throughout the day.
  • If you're going to be in a warm or humid environment, use a setting spray to lock your makeup in place.

Another tip to make your waterline eyeliner stay put is to apply a primer specifically designed for the eye area. This will create a smooth base for your eyeliner and help it adhere better to your skin. Additionally, make sure to sharpen your eyeliner pencil before each use to ensure a precise application and prevent it from smudging or transferring onto your lower lash line.

Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Waterline Eyeliner

Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind when wearing waterline eyeliner:

  • Do use a gentle hand when applying the liner to avoid damaging your eyes.
  • Do experiment with different colors and shapes to find the look that works best for you.
  • Don't apply the liner too close to your tear ducts, as this can irritate your eyes.
  • Don't use a liner that is too hard or scratchy, as this can cause discomfort and irritation.

It's important to note that not all eyeliners are suitable for the waterline. Look for eyeliners that are specifically labeled as safe for use on the waterline, as they are formulated to be gentle and non-irritating. Additionally, it's a good idea to avoid sharing your waterline eyeliner with others to prevent the spread of bacteria and potential eye infections.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Waterline Eyeliner into Different Makeup Looks

Waterline eyeliner is a versatile technique that can be incorporated into a variety of makeup looks. Here are some creative ways to do it:

  • Create a classic Hollywood glam look by pairing waterline eyeliner with bold red lipstick.
  • Pair waterline eyeliner with a neutral eyeshadow for a natural daytime look.
  • Create a smoky eye by smudging your waterline eyeliner with a dark eyeshadow.
  • Use different colored eyeliners to create a fun, colorful look.

Another way to incorporate waterline eyeliner is to use it to create a bold and dramatic look. Pair it with a dark, matte eyeshadow and voluminous lashes for a show-stopping effect.

If you're feeling adventurous, try using waterline eyeliner to create a graphic eyeliner look. Use a steady hand and a liquid eyeliner to create sharp lines and geometric shapes around your eyes.

How to Remove Waterline Eyeliner Without Damaging Your Eyes

When it comes to removing waterline eyeliner, it's essential to do it gently and carefully to avoid damaging your eyes. Here's how:

  1. Start by using a gentle eye makeup remover on a cotton pad.
  2. Gently press the cotton pad against your lower lash line, and hold it there for a few seconds to let the makeup remover soak in.
  3. Gently wipe away the eyeliner, being careful not to rub or tug too hard on the delicate eye area.
  4. Repeat as necessary until all the eyeliner is removed.

It's important to note that using harsh or abrasive products to remove waterline eyeliner can cause irritation, redness, and even damage to the eyes. Avoid using products that contain alcohol or fragrances, as these can be particularly irritating to the delicate eye area. Instead, opt for gentle, oil-based makeup removers that are specifically formulated for use around the eyes. Additionally, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes to avoid introducing bacteria or other harmful substances.

Expert Opinions on the Best Products for Achieving a Flawless Waterline Eyeliner Look

To achieve a flawless waterline eyeliner look, it's important to use the right products. Here are some recommendations from makeup experts:

  • Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner: This eyeliner is perfect for achieving a long-wearing, smudge-proof look, and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: This eyeliner is creamy, waterproof, and long-wearing, and comes in a variety of shades.
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil: This affordable gel liner has a smooth texture and is perfect for creating precise lines.
  • Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil: This jumbo pencil is perfect for creating a bold, colorful look, and has a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply.

Now that you have all the information you need, it's time to try waterline eyeliner for yourself. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a beginner, this technique is easy to master and can add a whole new dimension to your makeup routine. Happy experimenting!

When applying waterline eyeliner, it's important to keep in mind that not all eyeliners are suitable for this technique. Some eyeliners may irritate your eyes or smudge easily, ruining your look. It's best to choose an eyeliner that is specifically designed for the waterline, as these are formulated to be gentle on the eyes and long-wearing.

In addition to using the right products, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve a flawless waterline eyeliner look. For example, you can use a white eyeliner pencil to line your waterline before applying your colored eyeliner. This will help to make the color pop and create a more dramatic effect. You can also use a small brush to smudge the eyeliner slightly, creating a softer, more natural look.

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