Education, Business, and Representation for Women

Brave in Bloom

We chose our name carefully and purposefully.

The name, Brave in Bloom, represents our desire to empower women to bravely bloom into and maintain their best selves.

We seek to enable this with our:

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#bravelybloom is about celebrating and promoting our vision and mission of female empowerment with resources for:



Legislative representation

The challenges women face

Quantitative and Qualitative Data Proves

Women face serious challenges globally in the key areas of:

  • Educational Support
  • Business Resources
  • Legislative Representation

Each of these has negative consequences on women, families, communities, and countries. Correcting them would have positive impacts for everyone.

Educational Support

129 million

Number of girls of primary and secondary school age who are not in school.

Girls are also twice as likely to be out of school in countries affected by conflict


Of Computer Science graduates are women. Only 22% of engineering graduates are women.

Business Resources


Female entrepreneurs who have reported gender biase when trying to raise capital.

That percentage increases to 54% in the UK and over 40% in the US.


Women are four times as likely as men to report being treated as incompetent at the workplace.

Legislative Representation


Percentage of US Congressional seats held by women.

Voices and Needs Unheard

The proposals of women in general and for women issues specifically are far more likely to be disregarded during the legislative process relative to those of men.

Our Goals

Benefits of Goal Achievement

Educational Support

  • Every additional year of primary school completed, increases girls' eventual wages by 10-20%
  • Countries with higher levels of education for women tend to have smaller gender gaps in health, education, and economic participation.
  • Women who receive more education are more likely to participate in community organizations, volunteer, and engage in activities that benefit their families and communities.
  • Education is strongly linked to better health outcomes, including lower rates of maternal and infant mortality, improved nutrition, and reduced prevalence of infectious diseases in women and their families

Business Resources

  • If women and men around the world participated equally as entrepreneurs, global GDP could rise by up to 6%, or $5 trillion to $7 trillion.
  • Women are more likely than men to start businesses with a social or environmental mission
  • Women-owned business create economic opportunities for themselves, their employees, and their communities
  • Women-led private technology companies are more capital-efficient, growing investor wealth effectively

Legislative Representation

  • Women-elected officials are more likely to work across party lines and collaborate with colleagues to achieve policy goals
  • Women are often more likely to champion policies related to reproductive health, childcare, domestic violence prevention, healthcare, education, and environmental protections
  • Countries with higher levels of gender equality in political representation tend to have better economic outcomes, including higher levels of economic growth and reduced income inequality
  • Studies have shown women are less likely to engage in corruption or unethical behavior. This can lead to greater public trust in government and increased civic engagement.

Our Commitments


Dedicate 3% of annual profits to charities who help achieve our female empowerment goals


Use our platform to reach, promote, and celebrate female empowerment