Our Trademarks

This page alphabetically lists some of the trademarks and service marks owned by Brave in Bloom and shows the correct placement of symbols within each name. Product offerings, names, and specifications are subject to change. For guidelines on using our marks, check out our Trademark Usage Guidelines.


Advanced Night Rejuvenation Facial Crème™

Age Defense Neck Crème™

Ageless Eye Crème™

Beautifully Refreshing Makeup Remover™

Bravely Bloom®

Brave in Bloom®

Complexion Perfecting Toner™

Dark Spot Brightening Crème™

Flawless Beauty Skincare Kit™

Gentle Exfoliating Sugar Scrub & Cleanser™

Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser™

Natural Scar Healing Crème™

Pristine Dreams Pillow Mister™

Rapid Restorative Moisturizer™

Revitalizing Hand Crème™

Skin Perfecting Rapid Spot Treatment™

Skin Toning Brave Stone™

Timeless Beauty Aging Prevention Kit

Ultra Nourishing Body Crème™


Please note: product names are not necessarily synonymous with trademarks. The trademark designation and protection apply only to that portion of the product name which is immediately to the left of the ® or ™ symbol.


  • With “Brave in Bloom Flawless Beauty Skincare Kit®,” the entire name is a fully registered trademark, not "Kit" by itself
  • With “Brave in Bloom® Ultra Nourishing Body Crème™,” the “Brave in Bloom” portion is a registered mark and the “Ultra Nourishing Body Crème” portion is a (claimed) trademark.